Corporate Development Since 1903

Chemical trade with a fine tradition. For over 100 years the name Hugo Häffner is a guarantee for top product quality and comprehensive customer service.

Please feel free to scroll through the decades and follow the development of our company!


Hugo Häffner, Senior, opens up his ′Trading Agency for Acids′ in Stuttgart: Chemical special transports by horse carriage or train. Häffner supplies traders and chemical users in all of the southwest of Germany and beyond that.


The trading agency has meanwhile developed into a well-known chemical wholesale company. Growing space requirements lead to site relocation to Asperg, today´s headquarters.

Around 1920

Initially specialized in hydrochloric acids the range is extended to nitric and sulphuric acid. The Häffner company logo stems from these times: Demijohns were mostly used for bottling.

After the End of War

The second generation, brothers Kurt and Hugo Häffner join the fatherly company.

1945 and After

After the end of the war the company is constantly being built up and expanded. In particular the product range of basic chemicals notably gains in importance. Among others, the following products are added: chlorinated hydrocarbons, chlorine, solvents and plasticizers.

The ′golden′ 50ies

These years stand for personnel and sales growth as well as systematic expansion of offers and sales regions. New sales depots considerably improve the market presence. This development is substantially supported by Fritz Harzer who is part of the company management since 1952. His help enables the company to compensate for the loss of the founder and his son. Hugo Häffner Junior, dies in 1952, Hugo Häffner Senior in 1953.


After the death of Kurt Häffner his son Hans continues the company work.


Herbert Schmidt reinforces the company management.


Construction of a 7.000 sqm full covered chemical storage. The consideration of the newest insights into environmental safety turn this storage into a much-noticed  showcase project.


Construction of a 5.000 sqm solvent storage. The complete substructure with collecting basins is considered pioneering.


The company GB Chemie GmbH with headquarters in Messel becomes part of the business group. The product range consists of organic and inorganic specialty chemicals.


September 30th 1994 Hugo Häffner GmbH & Co. KG takes over the Hachemie Hamburger Chemikaliengesellschaft mbH from the Degussa AG.


The foundation of the Häffner GmbH & Co. Holding KG as a parent company fulfil the requirements for further and targeted company acquisitions.


Expansion of the product range and strenthening of the business position in the European market through participation in Disachim S.A., Paris and acquisition of Dr. Wieland GmbH & Co. KG, Pforzheim.


The Imhoff und Stahl GmbH in Mannheim becomes part of the Häffner business group. As an exclusive sales partner for BASF, Imhoff und Stahl can now also supply Häffner customers with high-quality BASF intermediate products.


Splitting the Hugo Häffner GmbH & Co. KG into the LU GmbH & Co. KG and the Hugo Häffner Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG


The Hugo Häffner Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG celebrate their centenary in Fall 2003. The product and service program is to be understood as an overall concept reaching from the procurement to the disposal.


The construction of a new distribution center with a total surface area of 12.000 sqm begins at the new location Marbach a. Neckar.


After a construction of 12 months the start-up of the new distribution center in Marbach a. Neckar is celebrated in April 2014. The fully automatic Oxyreduct high-bay storage for approx. 6.400 palett bays is ISO 9001 as well as HACCP certified.


Founding the company REC53, the Häffner group expands the product range with in-house production of raw materials containing iodine.


Thomas Dassler strengthens the company management in purchase and sales since Mai 1st 2016.